Get Instagram Followers: Free Marketing Tools for Successful Instagram Marketing

Getting and growing real Instagram followers comes down to creative marketing. The following apps and tools will do just that and most are free of have free versions. One of the most important considerations is posting captivating photos (and videos) so we’re starting off with some of the most popular photo editing apps.


The VSCO app is one of the most powerful (and popular) image editing apps available at the moment. The filters VSCO offers are exceptional and won’t leave you with photos that have that over edited look that’s fairly common with other editing app filters. In addition to applying filters, you’ll be able to adjust your photo’s elements such as brightness, contrast, fade, temperature, sharpness, etc.


Whether you would like to make a quick edit or do something more advanced, Snapseed, Google’s innovative image editing app, is easy to use, and great for “on-the-go” editing. Once you’ve applied the VSCO filter, put the photo into Snapseed and use its exclusive tools like selective adjust, or ambiance, along with their brush tool, to enhance your photos.


The Pixlr app, a web and mobile friendly photo editing tool, is fast, easy to use, and loaded with great features. It’s perfect for marketer’s who want to retouch or create something on the fly. The web version of the app offers additional features, however, the mobile app is robust as well. In fact, it has over two million combinations of free filters, overlays and effects, making it easy to personalize your photos. This app makes it easy to get more Instagram followers by make it quick and easy to get creative with your photos.


Whether you want to share inspirations quotes, tips or want to add a creative perspective to your Instagram marketing efforts, Quick is a fantastic app that allows you to overlay text onto photos. The app’s claim to fame is that it’s one of the fastest way to add text to photos and it appears to be true. The Quick app includes lots of different fonts to choose from and it’s easy to change sizes, colors and placement to create the perfect effect.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights provides a wealth of valuable information regarding who your followers are, where they are located, their age, gender and when they’re the most active on Instagram. To gain access to Instagram Insights, you need to have a Business Profile. To use Instagram Insights, click on the chart icon located at the top of your feed while in the Instagram app.

Content Calendar

One of the best and easiest to use content calendars is the Google Calendar. Just create a Google calendar, determine how often you want to post and plug your dates into it. There’s also an attachment option that allows you to upload photos and other items directly to the calendar.

The goal for businesses using Instagram is to get targeted Instagram followers and the budget-conscious apps and tools listed here will definitely help you take your Instagram marketing efforts to the next level – without blowing your budget.