A beginner’s guide to backlinking for SEO

Securing successful business growth is difficult. In addition to completing everyday tasks to ensure operations are running smoothly, you must champion your business and effectively market it to your target audience with the aim of consistently increasing your reach.

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Ensuring related and authoritative websites are linking to your site is important for fulfilling one of Google’s key metrics; however, successfully securing backlinks can also mitigate the time you need to spend networking in other ways.

Link building 101

Google’s algorithm uses backlinks to determine the page rank of a website. Securing a place on the first page of search engine results for key search terms can make a dramatic difference to your business, which means link building should form an integral part of your overall digital strategy.

It is important to note that although it is possible to build a profile of backlinks quickly, low-quality links from spammy websites are not only unfavourable but can also stop your website ranking altogether.

Three elements to consider when building backlinks

1. Authoritativeness is essential. Domain Authority is an important indicating metric and using a tool such as Open Site Explorer will help you to determine whether the website you want to link to your site is credible and powerful.

2. Consider relevance. Google wants to see related websites linking to one another, so make sure there is a strong connection between your business and the linking website.

3. Do not ignore locality. If you have a physical presence, building links within your local community will be enormously beneficial.

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Securing quality links

You should aim to build around five highly-relevant, quality backlinks each month. Working with a proficient Dublin SEO team with a wide-reaching skillset, such as http://www.rycomarketing.ie/, will help you to achieve this.

Undertaking daily searches to identify websites you would like to contribute content to and reaching out to editors, journalists and webmasters is key. It is likely that they receive many similar emails each day; therefore, constructing a solid pitch is a vital factor in forging successful relationships and connections.

Persistence, organisation and patience are key. When you do hear back, spending time writing highly-effective and informative content is vital in ensuring your business receives every possible SEO benefit from the work that has been put in thus far.