The Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing for Your Business


If you think that digital marketing or online marketing is not important for your business, you should consider it twice. We all know that the rapid technological change makes our lives easier. Finding information, we need in two seconds has not been impossible thing in this era. The cyberspace is like a second world that is never quiet. It is not just for looking the information, but also for transaction.  For your information, in 2014, the advertisements in cyberspace beat television one. Multi-channel digital marketing has increased 137% and the new brand increase in cyberspace is 500%.

Advertising the product in your private account of social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is part of digital marketing. However, just selling product in social media is not comprehensive. There is why there are many firms which engage in field of digital marketing agency like CT Digital Marketing Agency. Digital marketing agency will assist to improve your website traffic and drive more business. You can also share and get the knowledge about how digital marketing works with their digital marketing experts.

Digital marketing agency has strategies to show and advertise your product to people around the world. As the client, you also get the record such as how many people who visit your website, social media and you can also check the increase of customer number because of digital marketing. Digital marketing also actives real-time customer service. People nowadays tend to choose interact, buy products or even complain through internet rather than calling. If product or office real time customer service in there website, the customer will feel simplified. It also can save your finance firm because usually you call customer back, by real time customer service from digital marketing agency, you do not need to pay for the phone bill.

Digital Marketing can also keep the distance of your product with your competitor. If you have a culinary business and advertise your restaurant in newspaper or magazine, your customer will think twice or more to go to your restaurant or buy your product. It is because newspaper and magazine have regulation for accumulating advertisement in one page so that your prospective customers also see the similar products like yours. If you want your product is displayed exclusively in the magazine, of course you will charge a high price. But, by using digital marketing, you can display your product advertisement in cyberspace like what you want, the size is unlimited. You can also make or choose the design you want. Digital marketing agency will help you to make strategy about what time you should post your product.

Digital marketing also helps you to prepare for internet of things era. In 2020, it is predicted that 26 billion of gadget, smartphone, tablet, watch, shoes, glasses and other things will be connected in online ecosystem globally. It will make businessmen leave traditional marketing. For your information, the people trust level toward online advertisement is high. This is the percentage of online advertisement people trust  in Southeast Asia, Search engine is 57%, the trust of social media is 53%, video online is 52% and 47% of people trust in online banner.