Improve Your Typing Skill with Online Typing Lesson


Is your typing full of typo? Do you take too much time to finish your typing? If you are having those two problems, you had better start thinking about taking typing lesson. This particular lesson can improve your typing skill significantly. As a result, you can show better performance at work. And it will surely help you improve your career.

Taking typing lesson from the internet

You don’t need to go anywhere to take a typing lesson. All you need to do is sitting in front of your computer and get this lesson from the internet. Some people may think that taking online typing lesson is not a good idea. They are afraid that this kind of lesson cannot help them improve their typing skill effectively. However, it is not true. You can find an excellent online typing lesson if you know how to identify it.

A high quality typing lesson will provide you with the best typing method for beginners. You need to look for touch typing method. This is the basic typing method all beginners must learn. In Norwegian, this method is called touch metoden. Learning this method is a must. If you can apply this method you can type faster with less typo.

Mastering this method will allow you to type with your 10 fingers without looking at the keyboard. Therefore, you can type faster. You don’t need to look at the keys because your fingers remember the location of the keys. It may be difficult to apply this method at first. But, with regular practice you can teach them to remember the keys location on the keyboard.

An excellent online typing lesson will also provides you with sufficient practice. Therefore, you can practice the typing method as often as you can. The more you practice, the faster you can master the method. In consequence, you will be able to improve your skill excellently. In addition, the lesson provider must not only provide you with written learning materials. It must also provide you with video typing lesson so that you can understand the lesson clearly.

Another thing that an excellent online typing lesson has is typing test for beginners. This test will allow you to monitor your progress. Therefore, you can create better practice plan to achieve your goal.

Typing lesson goal

Beginners who only type with two fingers usually only be able to type 10 words in a minute. This slow typing can cause you some problems. One of them is that you cannot reach the deadline. That’s why you must learn to type with 10 fingers. With touch typing method, you can type with all your 10 fingers. This method will enable you to type more than 45 words in a minute. You can type faster than that if you practice more frequently. With more practice, you can also minimize your typo significantly.

Typing for hours can cause shoulder pain, neck pain, and back pain. If your job requires you to type for a long time, you must learn the right sitting posture. The right posture will enable you to type for hours without suffering from any pain.