10 of the hottest web design trends

Want to find out which web design trends are setting the bar in 2017? These 10 will set you on a course to online success this year.

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Colour Fashions

The zeitgeist-surfing experts at Pantone have picked a hue called “Greenery” as their colour of the year, spurring on a flock of sites to embrace earthier, natural schemes after a long stint of sticking with bright, pastel tones.

Vintage Revival

Websites with a retro aesthetic are increasingly common, taking inspiration from trends that first took hold in the 1980s and ’00s. Fuelled by 16-bit videogame imagery and fonts, such sites have set a design precedent this year.

Cinematic Motion

Images that combine still and moving elements, also known as cinemagraphs, are rising to prominence online. While using a GIF to achieve this may seem appealing, the large file size makes an embedded video the efficient choice.

Material Design

This enduring trend has thrown up pre-built templates galore, but it is worth putting a personal touch on with the assistance of an agency like http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/web-design-belfast-northern-ireland.html, which offers web design in Belfast.

Tenacious Text

Although typography may seem like a dull topic, the power of modern web design tools mean that it can have a transformative impact on any site. Combining text with multimedia features and interactive elements and utilising several fonts that complement one another works wonders.

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Designing a site in a modular manner makes sense in 2017, even if it has been a top trend for several years. It gives each onscreen element a distinct place and simplifies usability.

New Image Formats

Vector graphics are becoming increasingly common thanks to their scalability, making them suitable for mobile-optimised sites. The SVG format has caught on as a result, although it is not suitable for fixed-res image files.

Virtual Reality

VR is being used to create new interactive experiences, but online it is a powerful marketing tool, especially for emerging movie franchises.

Small Scale Engagement

Social media has helped perpetuate the trend of “liking” posts, so websites are starting to adopt micro-interactions for customer feedback.

Adaptive Layouts

Widespread support for Flexbox has been rolled out across the majority of mainstream browsing platforms, so using this mobile-friendly CSS3 layout mode is sensible if you are looking to optimise for a diverse user base.