How to Get Targeted Instagram Followers

Because of its growing engagement rates and more than 600 million dynamic monthly users, it’s important that today’s businesses make it a priority to get targeted Instagram followers. Following are some recommendations for getting more Instagram followers in 2017.

Do Your Research

Schedule some time to do serious market research on Instagram with the goal being to determine what accounts your audience is following. Look at which hashtags they are using and take a look at the competition that is associated with the popular hashtags related to your niche. Really immerse yourself into your market until you have a clear understanding their habits. Most businesses think that they already understand their audience, but that isn’t always the case. Even if you’ve already done extensive research regarding your target market on other social media networks, that doesn’t mean that you understand what your Instagram niche audience is looking for.

Be Creative with Your Comments

While most of us understand the value of shares and comments when it comes to social media and getting followers, to get tangible results you’ll want to be more strategic with your comments. Start off by putting together a list of 20 or so brands and/or individuals who have a similar audience. Then, go to each of the accounts on your list, actively engage, leaving genuine, thoughtful (don’t leave generic comments that feel like spam) comments on their posts. If your comment is appealing enough, readers will be more compelled to find out more about you – it’s a great way to get Instagram followers. Another great strategy is to be the last person to leave a comment on a post, ensuring that yours will be seen.


Utilizing the appropriate hashtags, or combination of hashtags, helps marketer’s expose their brand to large, targeted audiences. As a matter of fact, if you want to get Instagram followers (high quality Instagram followers), your chances will be significantly increased by the proper use of hashtags. A great strategy that you should consider is to look for hashtags that have an involved, active community, and then engage and post with those hashtags. This is a highly effective way to not only find and connect with like-minded users, but to raise awareness regarding your brand.

Have an Instagram Contest

If you want to get Instagram followers, run a contest that has value for your target audience. Instagram contests provide a fairly easy and fun way to promote your business and gain exposure – the best way to get Instagram followers. You might want to consider partnering with a strategic alliance as well (one with a good following), that compliments your brand, doubling your chances of exposure.

Share Engaging Content

Instagram’s algorithm (similar to other social networks) gives priority to posts with higher engagement. This means that the more action your posts receive (likes and comments), the more others will see your post, telling Instagram that your post includes engaging quality. This in turn moves your post to the top of your follower’s feed and in front of more users. Something else to consider is posting videos which many marketers swear deliver the best ROI.

This year, #1 on your online marketing strategies list should be to do what it takes to get Instagram followers. If enough people don’t know about you or your brand, having an Instagram platform won’t do you any good. We hope that the strategies listed here will help you get revenue generating Instagram followers throughout 2017.