Why the WordPress CMS is considered the best CMS in the world


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If you are new to blogging and websites in general, you might not know what CMS is. CMS stands for Content Management System, a computer application that allows you to publish, edit, or modify content. Even if you don’t know what CMS is, you must have heard of WordPress. WordPress is a publishing platform used for building websites and blogs. It powers millions of websites across the globe and it is even used by many big brands such as CNN, PlayStation, Ford, and more. But why is WordPress so popular? Why do so many people think it’s the best CMS in the world? Here are a few good reasons:

WordPress is here to stay

WordPress is a CMS that has really managed to gain an audience. Statistics show that more than 15% of the top million websites in the world are powered by WordPress. If that is not impressive, we don’t know what is. Most of the professional web designers, web developers, and users praise WordPress for its easy to use design, easy to navigate website, and accessible features that allow you to customize your page. Over the years since its initial release the number of users who have been using it hasn’t stopped growing, and to this day this fact remains true. It seems that WordPress is here to stay so if you are considering using a CMS for a long period of time, you won’t make a mistake by choosing this one.

WordPress is not just for blogging anymore

In the past WordPress was the go-to platform for blogging. It’s true that to this day it remains possibly the best solution to use for the creation of your own blog, however, it has come a long way since those days of the past. Now WordPress is most likely not only the best, but also the most comprehensive and diverse Content Management System in the world. It can now be used to power a wide variety of different websites, including business sites, job boards, sites with classified ads, and many more. WordPress has become extremely flexible, adoptable, and if you have any problem finding features that you need, there are literally thousands of different additional plugins that you can install to get all the functionality you need.

It’s cost-effective and flexible

As mentioned above, WordPress has changed a lot, which has made it extremely flexible. Any kind of functionality you need can either be found in the features or in the plugins that you will find on the web. The possibilities with it are just endless. You can do anything you need to your blog or site with WordPress. But the other very important thing about it, which also makes it to be considered the best CMS in the world, is that it’s cost-effective. All CMS you will find on the web are either free and lack any features or have features but are too expensive. On the other hand, WordPress is available both for free and paid. The free version gives you most of the basic features that you would need, while the paid version provides you with all functionalities. If you want to have a unique website with custom-made features, you should use the paid version. The other great thing about it is the price – it’s extremely affordable and very reasonable.

The site is supported by a worldwide community

WordPress is available in every country on the globe and there are people from all over the world using it. This means that it has the largest and most diverse community out of all CMSs out there. The great thing about WordPress is that the community can provide its support. They can report bugs, make changes, and demand for new features.

WordPress is easy to use

Even if you are a complete beginner in terms of website building or blogging, you will be able to manage WordPress. The CMS has been made so that even people with no experience can build their site in no more than a few minutes. In addition to this, you can then start exploring and learning so not only is it easy to use, but it can also make you better at web development.