Which In-App Advertising Types Works Best In Mobile Apps?

In today’s mobile marketing environment, most of users do not want to pay for downloading a mobile app. That’s why there are millions of free apps that are available at App Stores. Did you ever think that how they are making money? Well, thanks to in-app advertising methods, app developers who have free apps monetize their apps through in-app advertising channels. Although there are lots of in-app advertising types, few of them are working better than the other ones. Let see what are the popular in app advertising types as a monetization method for free mobile apps.

Mobile Native Advertising

Since advanced user experience is indispensable thing in every platform of digital landscape, mobile advertising community place more emphasis on creating mobile advertising patterns without disrupting user’s experience. Native advertising format, which follows the natural flow of users’ experience by fitting in app content, find its own place in mobile app advertising by remediating the problem of bad user experience in mobile apps caused by intrusive ad types.

Mobile Video Ads

Since we became fast consuming users of internet, videos are very crucial channels to gather information. Also in mobile advertising landscape video ads growing very rapidly because of its charming features for users to watch like they are more dynamic and convey the information to users in easy and fun way. Both developers and advertisers usually prefer video ad for their mobile apps because of its efficiency on engagement of users and high revenue production.

Mobile Rewarded Videos

Well, you most probably thinking now that what can be the difference of mobile video ads and rewarded videos. You guess right! Mobile rewarded videos are user incentivized version of video ads. Namely, users are watching rewarded video ads by their own will by getting in app rewards like coins, lives, items etc. which is great for both advertisers and app owners. Especially in mobile games, rewarded videos have very high conversion rate without disrupting any kind of activity of users, on the contrary, they are improving users’ app engagement of mobile game by offering extra lives or coins to keep users engaged with the game. Consequently, these 3 in app advertising types are boosting user engagement of mobile ads which makes them this popular on nowadays when is engagement is a huge problem for both advertisers and owners of mobile apps.