All that you need to know about a network camera with night vision

There is a hardly anything in the world of electrical and electronic goods that has not undergone a massive transformation over the last few years. It is not an exception for security cameras as well. After being introduced into the common sphere of life few decades back, security cameras have evolved like anything. What used to be bulky wired CCTV cameras yesterday are now highly sophisticated network cameras that are packed with hi-fi features like wider field of view, 2-way audio, night vision and much more.

What is a network camera?

A network camera aka IP camera is basically a camera which has an IP address of its own and gets connected directly to a network. Like a webcam gets connected to a personal computer, a network camera gets connected to a network and the feed of the camera can be viewed by any computer that is connected to the same network.

The network camera can be configured to transfer video images over an IP network either for live monitoring or for recording purposes. Modern day network cameras use Wi-Fi technology and Wi-Fi networks for their operation, which makes them all the more attractive and easy to handle.

Usually IP cameras are used for real-time surveillance. However owing to regulations at certain places, there could be a requirement for recording the feed as well.

Network cameras with night vision

Now that you have learnt about the basics of  Network Camera for Home Security , it is now good time for you to understand what a network camera with night vision is and what its benefits are.

Put simply, network camera with night vision is a camera that has the feature of capturing images in total darkness. These cameras use the technology of using visible light, invisible light as well as thermal imaging to capture the images even in situations where it is pitch dark. The images captured by night vision cameras are monochromatic in nature. As the camera would be connected to the network, it promotes remote surveillance during night time as well.

These cameras are particularly useful in areas which are not very well-illuminated and serve as perfect hideouts for people with malicious intent. These areas include the garages, driveways, garden areas and other places of the house and the neighbourhood that aren’t very well-lit. Almost all the IP cameras with night vision have the dual mode to operate equally good during the day as well as the night. During the daytime these cameras provide colour footage of the images that they capture and during night time the footage becomes monochromatic in nature.

The only drawback of the network cameras with night vision is the initial setup cost. These cameras are quite expensive as compared to the other wireless security cameras that are used at most homes and home offices. Although the initial cost of procuring the IP cameras with night vision may be high, in the longer run these cameras prove to be an integral part of the security of commercial as well as residential properties.