Comparison Guide on Movavi Mac Cleaner vs. Iobit Macbooster

Iobit MacBooster is a popular Mac cleaner software that is highly rated at many review sites. Movavi Mac Cleaner offers the same features as Iobit MacBooster. Both Mac cleaner software offers features such as delete cache and log, unused languages, uninstall apps, delete large files and delete duplicate files. However, in this Macbooster review, you will learn what set apart Movavi Mac Cleaner from Macbooster.

Iobit MacBooster will not automatically perform a scan when it is launched. You have to manually select what types of files you want it to scan. For example, if you want delete cache and log files, you have to go to the System Cleanup tab to select these options in order for it to start scanning. This makes Iobit MacBooster less user friendly than Movavi Mac Cleaner.

Unlike Iobit MacBooster, Movavi Mac Cleaner will automatically launch a scan the moment the software is launched. It will takes less than 5 minutes to finish scanning the junk files. When you click on one of the tabs, it will scan quickly and show the appropriate junk files in that category. You can manually select the type of junk files you want to delete by toggling the switch button or checking the check box. Movavi Mac Cleaner also let you see detailed results of the scanned junk files.

If you use Iobit MacBooster before, you will notice that its font is small and hard to read. Users have to strain their eyes when using Iobit MacBooster to clean up their Mac computers because of the small words. The font on the interface of Movavi Mac Cleaner is larger and suitable for reading.

Iobit MacBooster will show all the applications in a single list in the uninstaller tab. This can make it time consuming for you to search for the app that you want to install especially when there are a lot of installed apps on your Mac computer. Because it put all the applications in a single list, you may have to scroll up and down several times before spotting the app that you want to uninstall.

On the other hand, Movavi Mac Cleaner makes it easier for users to uninstall applications by dividing the applications into two categories including user and os x apps. If you want to uninstall third party apps you install yourself, you can go to the user apps tab. You must go to the OS X apps tab if you want to uninstall system apps that are preinstalled by default.

Movavi allows customers to reach the customer support through email, live chat and the social media page. Movavi also provide a lot of written tutorials that guide users step by step on how to use every Mac cleaning tool in Movavi Mac Cleaner. Iobit MacBooster only offers customer support through email. Customers can also contact the customer support team of Iobit MacBooster via the social media page such as Facebook. Iobit MacBooster does not provide any live chat support for customers.

In conclusion, Movavi Mac Cleaner is better than Iobit MacBooster for use in cleaning the Mac computers. The reason is because Movavi Mac Cleaner is designed with the purpose of providing customers an optimal user experience in priority.